Places to visit

Kőszeg and its surroundings offer amazing and exciting programs for everyone. The downtown is worthily named the Jewel box of Hungary. Jesus Heart Church rises impressively among the fabulous houses of the Main Square. Walking under the Heroes’ Tower, we can reach Jurisics Square and the country’s oldest Town Hall, then the historic Jurisics Castle.

Kőszeg is the only Hungarian town that has a subalpine climate. Its climatic conditions, both fauna and flora are undoubtedly unique. 

The highest peak of Kőszeg Mountains and West Hungary is Írottkő which is situated on the Austrian-Hungarian border. From the lookout tower there is a stunning view of the surroundings. There are many gorgeous places to visit in the neighbourhood like Saint Vid Chapel in Velem, the historic Wine Cellars in Cák or Lockenhaus Castle in Austria. The National Blue Trail sets off from Kőszeg Mountains as well. In the mountains there are several springs and places to explore.